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Our DNA test kits provide tailored health solutions to your diet, exercise, and lifestyle regime.

Powerful lifestyle genetics. Comprehensive DNA kits for preventative health.
4 tests in one, save $697
240+ genetic variations tested
$499.00 CAD
Eat for your DNA
100+ genetic variations tested
$299.00 CAD
Exercise for your DNA
50+ genetic variations tested
$299.00 CAD
Live healthy for your DNA
35+ genetic variations tested
$299.00 CAD
Be proactive for your DNA
15+ genetic variations tested
$299.00 CAD
Get the power of 6 tests in one
Insights for health & drugs
$698.00 CAD
Use data you already have
Up to 200 genetic variations tested
$299.00 CAD
Use data you already have
Up to 100 genetic variations tested
$149.00 CAD
Use data you already have
32 genetic variations tested
$89.00 $49.00 CAD
Receive a 45 minute private customized consultation with action plan based on your DNA results.
$99.00 CAD
Examines 16 genetic markers (SNPs) in 5 categories associated with skin aging.
$199.00 CAD
Personalized Supplements for your unique DNA. Dosages formulated to your DNA needs, covering 90% of your vitamin and mineral needs in one formula.  
dnaPower Inc. has been providing personalized DNA testing for health and wellness since 2008. We help people make better, data-driven decisions about their health.
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