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Success Stories
"As a nutritionist and personal trainer, dnaPower has become the foundational platform that helps tailor all of my nutritional and lifestyle plans to each individual’s specific needs. Finally putting an end to people’s constant drive to find THE DIET that will give them the results they have been seeking. It has brought a new level of confidence to my coaching business and an immense sense of reward witnessing all of the success my clients have experienced simply by incorporating the new habits the DNA findings have armed them with."
Melanie – Partner / Nexus Fitness + Nutrition
"I always considered myself an active person but after sustaining a knee injury years ago I became more and more inactive as the pain continued to get worse. I eventually ended up with inflammation throughout my body and was the heaviest I had ever been. The DNA test was a gift, I never thought I could learn anything that would help me get back on track. However the information I gained about my body has allowed me to adjust my eating and lifestyle habits significantly improving my inflammation and pain. I’m happy to say I have cut my pain meds in half and can now ride the stationary bike for 30 mins a day!"
Ed - Customer
"dnaPower is, in a word, empowering as it provides genetic information about your ideal diet, fitness routines and overall wellness. dnaPower data reports are super easy to read, and it provides some of the lifestyle guidance that’s SO needed in combination with your results. This is truly how you can affect change, and your longevity. Being a nutritionist and a self-described ‘longevity enthusiast’, I can’t help but see a strong connection between this data and our diets."
Emma – Customer / Nutritionist
"I love that dnaPower takes out the guesswork of “where to start” when making changes for health! Tools like this allowed me to apply the 80/20 principle and make a more targeted (and feasible!) plan for my nutrition. Thanks for helping me with my performance plan!"
Liz – Customer & Olympic Athlete
"dnaPower has helped me feel tremendously better. The results of the test showed me what I should be doing to optimize my health. I now supplement with high quality Omega 3’s, Vitamin B’s, and Vitamin D. The dietPower test results caused me to change my eating habits to more of a paleo lifestyle, upped my healthy fat intake, and stopped consuming caffeine completely. I also stopped eating so many carbs, and instead get most of my carbs from vegetables and fruits. After making these essential changes, I have less digestive issues, no more mind fog, and I now have more energy throughout the day and in my workouts. I think so much more clearly, and I know this has helped me in my personal life as well as in my career. With dnaPower, I finally feel like I can perform at my optimal level! This has contributed to my success as an athlete, which landed me a feature in Men’s Health Magazine."
Kimberly - Partner/ Fascial Stretch Therapist and Personal Trainer, TK Stretching
"Learning my DNA has been the answer to a 3 year journey of trying to discover why I was suffering from exhaustion, brain fog, weight gain, and then being diagnosed with Invasive Breast Cancer. The totalPower report helped me understand what my body needed and how I needed to support it better. I am totally amazed at how quickly my system has begun to heal now that I am eating based on my DNA. Literally, I began to feel so much better within days and have continued on that path. Without this test and the comprehensive reports provided, I don't know where I would be with my health right now."
Marina - Customer
"I love my dnaPower and it has seriously changed my life. I’ve gone between countless diets for years and everything my dnaPower results showed made sense to me. I feel like I’ve been freed and am now following my results closely. I’m looking forward to finally getting back to good health. Your company is amazing. Thank you so much!"
Tara - Customer