Let your genes help you find the right medication.
DNA Tests for Health, Diet, and Fitness | dnaPower
Make data-driven decisions to be the healthiest you.

Inagene Diagnostics and dnaPower are Canadian companies focused on harnessing the power of genetic testing to empower you to take control of your health, and live your best life.

The Pharmacogenetic + DNA Test Package for better health: Get the power of all six DNA tests for one incredibly low price!

$798.00 CAD
Inagene and dnaPower have partnered to bring personalized healthcare to Canadians with a limited time opportunity to get more personal health insights for less (retail value $1,098).


dnaPower’s totalPower
The most comprehensive genetic test for preventative health. 4 tests in 1—includes dietPower, healthPower, fitPower, brainPower and a 45-minute DNA report review.

Inagene’s Personalized Insights™ Precision RX Ultra
The most comprehensive genetic test available to guide optimal medication for a wide range of conditions. Includes BOTH PrecisionRx and Precision Pain & Mental Health.

Your DNA holds the code to living your best life.

Our unique genes drive wide variations in our responses to different foods, types of exercise, and medications. What works well for one person often does not work well for another, which is why there is no “one size fits all” solution to achieving your best health. Most people spend years trying to find the diet and exercise regimens, and medications that will work best for them (and many never find it).

Research has shown that using an individual’s DNA to guide health interventions can be transformative. At dnaPower and Inagene, we know that “knowledge is power”, and are passionate about empowering individuals to take control of their health through genetic testing.

One-of-a-kind guidance for a one of a kind you.

Inagene and dnaPower provide a complete suite of tailored health solutions, with comprehensive DNA test offerings for both preventative health (individual disease risk, personalized diet, and exercise recommendations), as well as treatment optimization (understanding which medications will work best and which you should avoid based on your genes).

Together we help you leave “trial and error” behind, and start making data-driven decisions that get you on the fast track to better health!
Helping you feel better, sooner.

With over two decades of experience in genetic research and diagnostics, combined with over 30 years of commercial health experience, Inagene has witnessed, and been a part of, the growing technology that now makes personalized healthcare possible. Inagene believes patients are not simply seeking more information, but practical and individualized information they can use to help make the best decisions about their health. Inagene Personalized Insights™ makes it easy for patients and healthcare practitioners to navigate to the safest and most effective treatment options for medications used for pain and mental health conditions, and steer clear of those that aren’t.
DNA Tests for Health, Diet, and Fitness | dnaPower
Live healthy for your DNA.

dnaPower is one of the first in the world doing DNA health testing, launching in 2008. They saw enormous potential for new DNA technology to help support people’s health and wellness, particularly in the areas of diet and fitness, and are a pioneer in applying leading edge gene research to develop targeted gene panels. They have been providing personalized testing and professional support since then to help people like you make better, data driven decisions about their health. With years of experience, dnaPower helps you apply this knowledge to help you take proactive and positive action for your unique body.
"We are excited and proud to partner with another innovative Canadian company! Our teams care deeply about helping clients and are passionate about bringing innovation and personalized medicine to the masses. Helping individuals and their healthcare providers determine which drug and dose will work best, with less trial and error, is just part of the equation; the opportunity to learn what the best diet and exercise regimen works best for you, further enhances the client experience."

Nancy White, CEO of Inagene Diagnostics Inc.
"dnaPower is committed to helping people make better data-driven decisions about their day to day health using genetics. We are delighted to be partnering with Inagene, another strong female-led, Canadian DNA company to include their pharmacogenetic testing. In addition to providing tailored health solutions for your diet, exercise and lifestyle, we can add the ability to identify the medications best suited for your body to keep you safe and get the best health outcome."

Lois Nahirney, CEO of dnaPower Inc.
Unlock the full potential of your health with dnaPower. Since 2008, we've empowered individuals to make smarter, data-driven health decisions. Discover the most comprehensive DNA testing for health and wellness today.
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