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DNA testing for diet and health can set your family up for a lifetime.
Learn the diet that’s right for your family’s unique DNA. With 200+ genetic variations tested and 75+ actionable insights, totalPower is the most comprehensive DNA testing for health, nutrition, fitness, and brain health.

Includes a 45 minute personal health consult with a nutritionist!


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"Learning my DNA has been the answer to a 3 year journey of trying to discover why I was suffering from exhaustion, brain fog, weight gain, and then being diagnosed with Invasive Breast Cancer. The totalPower report helped me understand what my body needed and how I needed to support it better. I am totally amazed at how quickly my system has begun to heal now that I am eating based on my DNA. Literally, I began to feel so much better within days and have continued on that path. Without this test and the comprehensive reports provided, I don't know where I would be with my health right now. "
Marina - Entrepreneur
totalPower Customer

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