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Our Story

Our CEO’s Story

Learning my DNA changed my life. Let me help you change yours.

"On the surface, I was a fit, healthy, high energy executive and mother of twins. In my 40s, I slowly started to experience a variety of different health issues. I developed shortness of breath, restless leg syndrome and chronic fatigue. I had hormone problems and was gaining weight. 

I spent several years seeing doctors and specialists. I was desperate to find a solution to get back to myself. I became highly anemic. It got so bad, the doctor sent me to emergency where I received two days of blood transfusions. 
Little did I know a simple solution was just around the corner. Carmen Tocheniuk, the DNA Diva, introduced me to DNA lifestyle testing. She recommended I do it to learn more about myself and my children. I had been researching DNA since adopting identical twins and decided to give it a try.

I never dreamed that getting a DNA health test would provide me with the key to my health issues! I discovered I have high genetic variations related to Vitamin B’s. My body has difficulty processing and utilizing B’s for healthy function. Through a busy life, stress, and irregular diet, I had depleted my Vitamin B stores and my body was paying a huge price. I learned so much more about my unique body and was able to use this information to restore my health.

I couldn’t believe the answer to my health issues was so simple. I vowed to bring this information to the world. I acquired the DNA company and founded dnaPower.

I’m passionate about helping people take power over their health by knowing their unique DNA. I want to share how DNA and nutrition can provide answers for your health as it did for me. I want to empower you to make smarter health decisions based on your unique DNA. Together we can create a healthier you, and a healthier world."
CEO, Lois Nahirney

Testing since 2008

Our company was one of the first in the world doing DNA health testing, launching in 2008. We saw enormous potential for new DNA technology to help support people’s health and wellness—particularly in the areas of diet and fitness. We were a pioneer in applying leading edge gene research to develop targeted gene panels.

dnaPower has been providing personalized testing and professional support since then to help people like you make better, data-driven decisions about their health. We have years of experience applying this knowledge to help you take proactive and positive action for your unique body.  

The hearts and minds behind dnaPower

Dr. Lois Nahirney
President & CEO

Dr. Lois Nahirney is passionate about creating a healthier world by helping people take power over their health. She has identical twins adopted from Vietnam (one transgender) which led to a fascination in DNA. She solved years of personal health problems by learning about a simple weakness in her genetic make up, and acquired the company. She has a doctorate and a master in business and has held a number of international senior executive roles. She has been honoured with several women in business awards and volunteers extensively in the community and overseas. Her vision is to help people make better health decisions and live healthier lives based on their unique DNA.

Carmen Tocheniuk 
Fitness & Diet Programs Lead

Carmen Tocheniuk, the DNA Diva, is a pioneer in the DNA industry. She discovered DNA testing in 2008 and was one of the first in the world to use it with her clients to improve their health and fitness results. Carmen is a three-time Canadian body-building physique champion, an International Federation of BodyBuilding (IFBB) PRO and a leading and respected personal fitness trainer and nutritionist. Carmen became involved in fitness to support her recovery after a devastating car accident as a teenager that left her with a broken back and in a body brace for a year. She is dedicated to helping people maximize their diet and fitness results through DNA knowledge.

Jillian Irvine
Science & Research Lead

Jillian Irvine is an experienced science and research project manager and holds an MBA of Technology and a BSC in Cellular Biology. She has detailed experience leading large-scale DNA research projects with Wildlife Genetics International. With her expertise in project management, scientific writing and communication, she plays a vital role in the ongoing development and research of our DNA tests.

Sabine Margolis
Strategic Partnerships, Business Development Manager & Nutritionist

After decades in the professional marketing industry, Sabine decided to follow her passion and enrolled in nutrition school. She is now a Functional Nutrition Coach and a certified Holistic Nutritionist. Sabine believes that true health is more than just the absence of disease and it means looking at all aspects of your life. One size does not fit all. Your genetic testing results provide one piece of YOUR puzzle and is a great tool in your personal health toolbox. 

Krystiana Lee
Digital Marketing Specialist

Krystiana is a marketing specialist with a focus on social media and digital marketing. She studied Communications at Capilano University. With experience ranging from customer service to graphic design, she is a multifaceted addition to our team.

Chrissy da Roza
Customer Care Manager

Chrissy is a graphic designer by training and a jill of all trades through her life experiences. She's thrilled to join the dnaPower team and aims to provide top-notch service as their Customer Care Manager. Chrissy lives in beautiful North Vancouver with her husband and two kids and can often be found exploring local trails with their dog.

Colleen Little
Nutritionist & Personal Trainer

Colleen has been practising in health care for over 20 years as an Occupational Therapist, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. She is a competitive athlete and a huge foodie. Including genetic information in her assessment and programming has provided an even broader perspective for maximizing health and performance.

Emma Ford
Clinical Nutritionist (CNP, NNCP)

Emma is a clinical nutritionist (CNP) specializing in gut health, digestive disorders & hormones. Her passion for health is informed by her own journey of healing from chronic illness. Her recovery & road to health began with implementing nutrition and lifestyle interventions to optimize her genetic blueprint. Her methods for evidence-based health optimization employs the fundamentals of integrative nutrition, trauma-informed health coaching & the mind-body connection.

Our Scientific Advisors

Dr. Zacarias Huicochea
Medical Advisor

Dr. Hashim Khan
Scientific Advisor

Dr. Timothy Sexton
Scientific Advisor

Dr. Lyle Oberg
Senior Advisor

Dr. Jeru Manoj Manuel
Research Scientist

Dr. Maryam Zarepour
Science & Research Consultant

dnaPower Inc. has been providing personalized DNA testing for health and wellness since 2008. We help people make better, data-driven decisions about their health.
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