Get more out of your 23andMe and data

Use your existing 23andMe and data to make smarter, actionable health decisions based on your unique genetic blueprint.

Move beyond your ancestry and discover what your genetics reveal about your health today!

Depending on your genetic makeup, you might find that your body responds to certain exercises and foods better than others. You might also find that you are predisposed to certain health issues, such as weight gain, inflammation, metabolic problems, and chronic disease.

Use the 23andMe or data you already have and unlock insights from our comprehensive diet, fitness, health, and mental wellness reports.
4 tests in one
Up to 200 genetic variations tested
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Eat for your DNA
Up to 100 genetic variations tested
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Build resilience for your DNA
32 genetic variations tested
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“It was interesting learning about my ancestry. But now with dnaPower, I have actionable information that is helping me make better decisions to support my health! I learned I need to reduce my lactose, take vitamin B supplements and detox to stay healthy for my body."
Nancy - Customer, totalPower Connect
Your dnaPower report allows you to make improvements to your health,  knowing that you're making choices that will work for you. You'll have access to:
  • You get the most useful personalized information to inform and improve your everyday health.
  • You get an actionable, easy to understand report with key recommendations so you can start implementing changes right away.
  • Talk with a DNA trained professional about how to fit recommendations into your lifestyle with a dnaPower Report Consultation (free with totalPower connect or a $79 add-on to other tests).

With the totalPower connect package you'll get all this powerful information without having to take another test!