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Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month: Corporate Activity Ideas

October isn’t just the month of pumpkin patches and haunted houses – it’s also Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month. During October, weekly activities are hosted in the office to empower employees to take care of themselves and feel their best. Need some inspiration to plan your healthy workplace month calendar? Here Are Four Engaging Health-Promoting Corporate […]

CARPe diem Feature On JoyTV

Join us as we speak with CARPe diem show host, Carmen Ruiz y Laza, about DNA testing for preventative health and longevity. On this episode of CARPe diem, our CEO, Dr. Lois Nahirney, and show host, Carmen Ruiz y Laza, discuss the value of DNA testing to help you pinpoint: The exact diet your body […]

Finding Love and Health During A Pandemic

How has the pandemic changed the landscape in wellness and love? After nearly a year of nation-wide lockdowns, many of us have adopted a more secluded way of life. Dating is now more difficult than ever, and so is staying active. How do you find love if you are single who can’t mingle? How do […]

The Healthy Helix – Episode 2 – How To Interpret Your DNA Results: A Walk-Through

Welcome to another fascinating episode of “The Healthy Helix – Your Personalized Roadmap to Health.” In partnership with Inagene Diagnostics Inc., another innovative DNA testing company, we bring you weekly episodes of empowering videos and podcasts that explore personalized wellness through the lens of genetic testing, preventative health, and personalized medicine. Last week, series hosts […]

Introducing Our New Video and Podcast Series: The Healthy Helix

We’re celebrating our new partnership with Inagene Diagnostics Inc. by creating a series of informative and empowering videos and podcasts about genetic testing and personalized health. In “The Healthy Helix – Your Personalized Roadmap to Health,” series hosts Lois Nahirney, CEO of dnaPower, and Nancy White, CEO of Inagene Diagnostics, discuss health through the lens […]

If You Have These Genetic Variations, Eat More Sprouts!

The benefits of sprouts are endless. That’s why sprouted seeds, beans and grains are often regarded as nutrition powerhouses.  First off, they are packed with more vitamins, proteins, and fibre than regular seeds, beans, and grains. Sprouts are also known to improve digestion, heart health, and balance blood sugar. Sprouts are easy to grow at […]

4 Steps To A Healthy Digestive System

Good health begins in the gut. The digestive system regulates vital functions such as hormone production, immune cell activity, and neurotransmitter production. Frequent digestive symptoms such as gas, bloating, acid reflux, indigestion, diarrhea, and constipation are signs of a compromised gut. What’s more, gut-related issues may manifest in other parts of your body, leading to […]
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