Affiliate Highlight: 100 Days Of Discipline

This week, we welcome our affiliate, 100 Days of Discipline, to share their approach to fitness, wellness, and aging gracefully. 100 Days Of Discipline are an incredibly passionate team of individuals who are on a mission to inspire and motivate others to get active, every day. We admire their holistic approach to fitness and are excited to share their perspective on health.

Age Gracefully with Daily Workouts

It’s never too early or too late to start a new healthy habit. You may not think about your age, but it’s definitely worth considering when you are committing yourself to a workout schedule. The body is constantly changing and as we age our muscles become weaker and less flexible which can lead to injuries if not addressed properly. If you have been thinking about starting a fitness routine but haven’t yet taken action then this post is just for you! We will be discussing the benefits of daily exercise; how it can help prevent injury throughout the aging process while improving overall mental health & general wellness!

Exercise can lengthen life

You probably already know that exercise is good for your health, but did you know that it can actually help you live longer? First, let’s look at the research that explains why exercise can add years to your life.

Telomeres are a compound structure at the end of a chromosome. They play a crucial role in protecting chromosomes from damage and deterioration. As we age, telomeres naturally shorten and this affects our cardiovascular system, immunity, muscular physiology and general health. The length of a telomere is one of the main indicators of biological age. In fact, it’s been found that shorter telomere lengths are associated with slower walking speeds and greater risk for death. Click here for the full article. []

Exercise prevents early death

The benefits of exercise are well-documented. In fact, according to the CDC, regular physical activity reduces the risk of early death by 25%[—that’s one in four people!

  1. Reduces risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke: Exercise helps you control your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  2. Reduces risk of cancer: Exercise boosts your immune system so you can fight off cancer cells more easily. (Note that this doesn’t mean that everyone who exercises will never get cancer—there are many risks beyond our control.)
  3. Reduces risk of Alzheimer’s disease and depression: A recent study found that people who walked for 40 minutes a day reduced their risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 33%. Other studies suggest that exercise improves mental health by reducing stress hormones, which in turn increases endorphins—the brain chemicals responsible for feelings like joy, pleasure or euphoria!

Exercise doesn’t have to be all-consuming. A little goes a long way!

If you think of your exercise as time consuming and expensive, you may end up waiting for months or years before starting your routine. This makes it difficult to stay motivated and committed when you’re feeling tired and don’t want to go through the trouble of putting on workout clothes, driving somewhere, etc.

The trick is finding an exercise that works for YOU, no matter how much time or money you have available, you can find something that fits you. Check out these ideas to get started today!


Calisthenics is a great way to get in shape and stay in shape. Calisthenics is a form of exercise that uses body weight as resistance by performing movements such as push-ups, pull-ups and squats. These exercises can be done anywhere at any time and they don’t require any equipment like dumbbells or barbells.

Calisthenics are perfect for people who have never worked out before because they are easy to learn and do not require much strength. They will get your heart rate up and burn calories quickly so you can lose weight fast without having to go to the gym every day or spend hours doing cardio on machines like treadmills or ellipticals.

Also, it is great for any person at any age with almost any physical capability. All exercises can be modified to fit your current level of fitness and capability. If you’ve never tried calisthenics before but want something different from what you’re used to doing then give this workout routine a try! I recommend 100 Days of Discipline. Click here for a week of free calisthenics routines! []

Brisk walking

Walking is a great low-impact exercise that can help you get in shape and stay fit. You burn calories, clear your head, meet new people and enjoy nature, all while doing something enjoyable.

Why walk? Walking is one of the most effective and popular forms of exercise because it’s easy to do anywhere, anytime. If you live in a city with busy streets or have trouble finding time for a workout at home during the day, just put on your sneakers and go outside!

Not only does walking give us an opportunity to get some fresh air but it also gives us time to reflect on ourselves and what we want out of life. The famous writer, Henry David Thoreau, was known for taking long walks to spark creative flow. He said “Me thinks that the moment my legs begin to move, my thoughts begin to flow.” Whether you’re going for a stroll through the park or taking an evening stroll down the street after work; there are always new things to see along with plenty of opportunities for conversation with others who might be enjoying this activity as well!

Full body stretching

Full body stretching is important for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it’s crucial for flexibility. The more flexible you are, the easier it will be to do daily activities without pain or injury. In addition, full body stretching contributes greatly to muscle recovery after exercise by increasing blood flow and reducing soreness in the muscles. Finally, full body stretches help prevent injuries by increasing your range of motion so that you can avoid twisting and straining your joints during physical activity.

Lifting weights

The purpose of lifting weights is to tone your muscles. Lifting weights is a great way to stay in shape and feel great about yourself. To get the most out of your workout you should lift weights 3 times per week, and make sure that you are doing all different kinds of strength training exercises.

You can lift weights at the gym or at home with dumbbells or resistance bands, but if you want to really see results from your daily workouts then consider finding a trainer who will help guide you through proper technique and form when lifting heavier weights such as barbells or kettle balls (otherwise known as kettle bells).


Yoga is a great way to keep your body and mind healthy. Yoga can help you relax, focus, become more flexible and in tune with your body and even more in tune with your mind. The combination of all these things reduces stress hormones in the body. Therefore, helping you to remain young at heart!


Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on strengthening the core muscles of your body. Originally, it was developed for injured dancers by a man named Joseph Pilates who lived next to a traditional dance studio. Pilates can help you improve your posture, balance and flexibility by focusing on a few muscle groups. You will notice an increase in strength and range of motion with regular practice under the supervision of an educated practitioner.

You can do Pilates independently at home or in a studio. Most Pilates classes are based around equipment such as ropes and resistance balls but they also often use mats – making it possible for people with limited mobility to enjoy the benefits of this exercise system!


This is one of my favorite past times! Swimming is an excellent way to get exercise and enjoy the outdoors. There are many benefits of swimming:

  1. It’s low-impact on your body because you don’t have to put a lot of stress on your joints when you swim.
  2. Swimmers can improve their cardiovascular system by doing laps every day or week. This helps them burn off extra calories and shed some pounds as well.
  3. Swimming can relieve stress because it takes away all worries while you’re in the water – just relax!


Aerobic exercise can be done anywhere, anytime and it’s a great way to get your heart rate up. You don’t need any fancy equipment or training, just some good old fashion sweat! Aerobics doesn’t have to be boring either; there are lots of different styles you can try out.

For example:

  1. STEP-AEROBICS uses an aerobic step machine as the base for movement. You’ll use this machine to do jumps and squats while following along with a video or music instructor who will coach you through each routine. The benefit is that it’s easy on your joints since there is no impact involved when stepping off the platform (unlike running which can lead to joint problems).
  2. HILL RUNNING is also another fun way to get some cardio in if you live near hilly terrain (or even if there aren’t any hills nearby!). Just make sure not too push yourself too hard at first or else injuries may occur later down the road!


Working out every day [] is a great way to fight aging. It helps you feel and look younger, increases energy levels, improves sleep patterns and gives you more confidence in yourself. If you’re not already working out, start today! You can do it anywhere from the comfort of your own home or at one of those fancy gyms that all your friends are going crazy for… but no matter where it happens or how much time it takes, intentional movement on a daily basis will always be worth the effort.

Bye for now!

Elle Honeycutt from 100 Day Of Discipline

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