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Partner Spotlight: Healing House Natural Wellness

Today we’re kicking off our Partner Spotlight series, where we share some of our amazing partners and the transformative work they’re doing in their health practices. Our dnaPower Partners incorporate DNA testing into their practice to help clients improve their health and wellness more effectively and with quicker results by pinpointing specific areas of concern […]

Meet Annie – The Super Force Behind PowerUp Nutrition

Annie is the founder, proprietor and full-time coach at PowerUp Nutrition. As a marathon and CrossFit athlete herself, Annie and her team are passionate about helping others develop lifelong healthy habits with food. They offer personalized eating plans, one on one coaching and weekly checkin’s to make sure you are maximizing your potential and reaching […]

Meet Erin – Registered Dietitian & Creator Of The Food Life

Erin is a registered dietitian who works in the hospital by day and provides genetic-based nutrition counselling by night. She has a Master’s degree in biochemistry, where she studied how the human body breaks down omega-3 fats. Based in Vancouver, BC, she offers nutrition counselling and genetic tests to clients across Canada. Needless to say, […]

Meet Dave – Personal Trainer & Life Coach At Make Your Body Work Fitness

Dave is a Personal Trainer and Life Coach at Make Your Body Work Fitness, as well as a dnaPower partner! His mission is to help others overcome this unhealthy fixation while still being able to improve their fitness and reach their weight-loss goals. Since 2001, Dave has met with thousands of people who want to transform their […]

Meet Emma – CEO Of Pineapple Collective

Hey everyone! I’m Emma, CEO and consultant at Pineapple Collective. Being a self-described ‘longevity enthusiast’ I’ve been avidly learning about DNA testing, and have now done both 23&me, and recently dnaPower Inc. I would recommend 23&Me if you want to better understand heredity, ancestry, and connect with worldwide relatives. While dnaPower is, in a word, […]

Meet Sarah – CEO & Movement Coach At Moveolution

Sarah is the CEO and Movement Coach at Moveolution. She is also a dnaPower partner! Moveolution provides industry leading tools for women’s health, prenatal and postnatal education, in movement, durability, corrective exercise and preventative healthcare. Moveolution aims to create a launching pad for health-seeking women who are dedicated to long-term movement quality throughout pregnancy and beyond. Sarah’s in-person […]

Meet Nicole – Naturopathic Physician And DNA Practitioner

Dr. Nicole Dahl began her undergraduate education at Trinity Western University where she majored in holistic nutrition. She went on to pursue her medical training and graduated from Bastyr University with her degree in Naturopathic Medicine and Midwifery. Nicole has a special interest in treating women’s health issues including annual exams, menopause, and PMS.  She […]

Meet Kimberly – Fascial Stretch Therapist And Personal Trainer

Hi everyone! I’m Kimberly, an athletic 27 year old Fascial Stretch Therapist and Personal Trainer who has been dealing with digestive issues, bloating, mind fog, & low energy. dnaPower opened up my eyes to the poor variations I have in the following genes: ACSL1 Fatty Acid Metabolism, FADS1 Increased Omega 3 Requirement CC, ALPL Vitamin B6 Clearance CC, CYP1A2 […]

Meet Carmen – The DNA Diva

Carmen, aka “the DNA Diva”, is a pioneer in the DNA industry. She discovered DNA testing in 2006 and was one of the first in the world to use it with her clients to improve their health and fitness results. Carmen was instrumental in the development of DNA testing for diet and fitness as she […]
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