Myth Busting! Answering YOUR Questions About DNA Testing For Health And Wellness

DNA testing for health and wellness is a new and rapidly expanding field. Here, we answer some of your most pressing questions about our DNA tests!

1. How are dnaPower tests different from a test that I could get at a naturopath or other health professional?
DNA is your genetic blueprint. In other words, DNA doesn’t change. It’s how you were born! Whereas health professionals do testing to look at your health as you are right now, DNA testing looks at your body’s predispositions. For example, we can tell how your body is predisposed to break down carbohydrates in comparison to fats and proteins. While health professionals can offer you valuable insight, the information they give you is subject to change. By contrast, the information you get from our DNA tests will always be relevant.

2. How are dnaPower tests different from 23 & Me,, etc.?
Unlike other DNA testing companies that you may have heard about, dnaPower provides the most comprehensive test on the market for diet, fitness, and wellness. We do not look at ancestry or heredity, rather we provide the most in-depth look at your body so you can optimize your health, testing over 200 genetic markers.

3. How do dnaPower tests work?
All you have to do is a simple, 10 second cheek swab! Once we have that, we are able to analyze your DNA by looking at SNPs.

SNPs (pronounced “snips”) are variations in your genetic code that make you different from what’s considered the “norm”. These SNPs have been scientifically proven to correspond with your body’s predisposed abilities. We all have different variations in our DNA that make us unique. That’s why diets, for example, aren’t one size fits all!

What does dnaPower do with my DNA data after you have it?
We use the utmost privacy standards in managing your sample. The sample is managed and stored by bar code to preserve your privacy. We retain your DNA for 1 year in case you wish to order an additional test. If you have chosen to allow your sample to be used anonymously for scientific research, we may keep it on file for a longer period. All DNA is disposed of following regulatory standards.

We don’t believe your DNA data should be for sale. That means we don’t offer it to ANY third parties, such as insurance companies or medical agencies. You can rest assured that all of the personal information you choose to share with us is kept strictly confidential. The exception is if you have ordered your test through a health practitioner and they are receiving your results on your behalf or if you choose to share it with them.

5. How do I get my results?
You will get an email with a PDF report of your results within 4-6 weeks of sending your cheek swab kit back to us.

6. After I have the information, how do I know what to do with it?
Each page has a “Tips” section based on your results. For example, if you go to the “Carbohydrates” page in your dietPower report, you will see an explanation of your results as well as tips for you to implement based on how well your body metabolizes carbs.

7. Can someone help me interpret my results?
If you would like help interpreting your results, we work with a nutritionist who can go over your results with you and/or can create a customized meal plan for you based on your DNA. Book yours now!

8. How accurate are dnaPower tests?
dnaPower uses a state of the art Agena MassArray genotyping platform to provide greater than 99.7% accuracy in the genes and SNPs that we test. We test genetic sites that identify the most common DNA markers scientifically studied and proven to be associated with certain conditions. We report on genes that have a high incidence relationship. It is important to note that DNA research is constantly evolving. There may be variations related to a condition that are yet to be discovered and may in future improve on the accuracy and thoroughness of the results.

9. Are dnaPower tests covered by my health insurance?
Unfortunately, our tests are not yet covered by health insurance. However, we have reason to believe that they will be sometime down the road!

10. Do I need to provide a blood sample?
No! Our DNA tests work with just a simple 10 second cheek swab. No blood required!

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