Meet Lois – President & CEO Of dnaPower

“My whole leadership style has changed based on my children and my family. I was raised in the charismatic leader from the front model that you learn in MBA school and I have completely changed it and now I really believe in the servant leadership model and compassion through leadership and respect.”

Lois’ interest in DNA stemmed from her personal life. She and her husband were blessed to adopt identical twin girls from Vietnam in 2002. The first time one of her girls asked Lois why she wasn’t a boy was age 3. Lois became fascinated by genetics, watching how identical twins could be so different. The week Lois decided to leave the corporate world and become a genetics entrepreneur, she received a text from one of her teenage daughters: “Mom and Dad, you have a boy, not a girl.” Lois’ daughter is now her son, and she is incredibly proud of the strength and courage he shows daily in his transgender journey.

“It was a big left turn from the global corporate world to the passionate entrepreneurial world of DNA, empowering people to make better health decisions by knowing their DNA. And it was a big left turn at home having a daughter become a son, and empowering him to be who he is meant to be.”

In addition to volunteering and spending time with family, Lois works tirelessly as the leader of dnaPower. She creates a welcoming, challenging, and respectful work environment for her employees. Lois believes it is important to create a lot of flexibility in the workplace so that an employee can at any point in time know that family can take precedence.

“I think employees should be happy to be part of a community, they should like coming to work and feel challenged, and want to feel valued and feel they are in turn respected.”

Due to Lois’ passion and dedication to advancing women in business, she was recognized as one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women of 2017. Lois is a tireless advocate for women through her work as chair of WXN in BC for 15 years, chair of the BC Premier’s Women’s Economic Council, co-chair and co-founder of WE for SHE, and director of a charity that builds schools in Vietnam and supports anti-trafficking for at-risk girls through summer camps and scholarships. She has been a true champion for thousands of women.

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