Study Shows DNA Diet Outperforms Keto Diet For Weight Loss


We all know there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” diet. A new study shows that a personalized DNA diet may be the solution to finding a diet “made for one.”

In the study, participants on a personalized nutrigenetic diet lost significantly more weight and showed greater improvement in cholesterol and blood glucose than those on the ketogenic diet. Initially, those on a keto diet lost more weight in the first few months. However, over 24 months, those on the DNA customized nutrition program adhered better to their program and achieved greater and longer-lasting weight loss and improved overall health.

The study found that a nutrigenetic diet required less drastic diet change than keto and had less recidivism. People knew the changes were specifically made to support their unique genetics and reported greater motivation to stick with the diet changes. The result was a healthier diet and lifestyle, coupled with significant weight loss.

At dnaPower, we see similar results for our customers. Your genes are the blueprint and roadmap to what your unique body needs. What you eat and how you manage your lifestyle affects the expression of your genes. Where your genes are weak is where you are more likely to have issues. DNA diet testing helps you find the 5 or 6 most important changes that you can make to help your genes express in a positive way.

When you eat against your body’s genetics, it is more difficult to metabolize those foods. It can result in weight gain, hormone imbalance, and food sensitivities. Certain genetic variations can increase susceptibility to different disease states. This increased risk can be reduced or mitigated with dietary modification. When you eat for your body’s genetics, you work with your body, not against it.

Consider learning your personal DNA roadmap today and take power over your health with individualized diet recommendations.

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