Partner Highlight: Maria Bewcyk From The Body Lab

At dnaPower, we are honoured to partner with talented and well-versed experts in their field. Today, we will be featuring one of our newest dnaPower Partners, Maria Bewcyk. Maria Bewcyk, the proud owner of The Body Lab, brings her vast array of knowledge and background in Kinesiology, Physiotherapy, Personal Training, Bikini Bodybuilding and Nutritional Guidance, to offer personalized wellness plans for her clients.

Maria Bewcyk shares her story and her journey in becoming the health and wellness advocate that she is today:

“What if the life I dreamed of became my reality? Imagine growing up in a family that worked hard, taught me strong values, provided love and encouragement to push through hard difficult times to be successful. I started figure skating at 3 years old. Throughout high school, I competed at a National Level. I had the opportunity to audition to figure skate Professionally with Disney On Ice, then my life took me on an Academic path.

I completed my Bachelors Degree in Human Kinetics in 2006, started working as a Registered Kinesiologist and opened my own Multidisciplinary Healthcare Centre. In 2010 I decided to further my studies, in Sydney Australia, where I completed my Masters of Physiotherapy. I became highly educated working as a Physiotherapist for 4 years, which included working at the Hospital and Rehab Centre for Disabled Children in Nepal. I also had the privilege to work with professional athletes with Wiggle Honda Professional Cycling, Professional dancers and the National Rugby League. I specialized in treating injuries with light (low level laser therapy) at different wavelengths, to heal tissues at a cellular level. I attended the World Association of Laser Therapy conference in the Gold Coast with high profile practitioners and scientists learning new treatment techniques from the World’s Best. I was invited to teach my theory on how to treat tendinopathies at the 4th Multidisciplinary Ultrasound Symposium on Pain Management with the Division of Pain Medicine Department of Anaesthesiology at Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital. Working with hundreds of clients, healing with the power of red light (photobiomodulation), manual therapy, pilates, and specific exercises I realized how I could heal the body at a cellular level.

At The Body Lab, I now combine my clinical expertise, the science of DNA Total Power testing, ionized electrolysed reduced water therapy, nutritional guidance, body work myofascial release therapy, chromotherapy, advanced multi wave PEMF therapy treatments (including red light therapy, infrared heat, natural crystals and negative ions) and exercise, to create personalized treatments regenerating cells. I work with products that improve immune function, remove harmful environmental toxins from the body, and promote wellness. I have three main packages, Recover, Renew and Revive. Clients start treatments with a Total Health Assessment to assess their suitability for my programs. I have now expanded my practice to include a new Wealth and Wellness Program, to help clients capitalize on their financial investments and promote whole body wellness. The sky is the limit with the power of mindset and dedication to make it happen.

I now fulfill my passion with the ability to heal hundreds of clients, change lives, and inspire millions to fight for their dreams and never give up.”

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