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DNA Testing for Diet and Preventative Health

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DNA testing offers unparalleled insights about your family's nutrition and fitness needs, providing you with the roadmap to make data-driven decisions.

Diet Management

Discover how your body burns fat, metabolizes carbohydrates, regulates blood sugar, and your ideal protein requirement.
90+ genetic variation tested.

Food Tolerances

Find out genetic preference to common food intolerances like Gluten, Lactose, Caffeine, Alcohol, and more.


Learn how efficient your body is in metabolizing essential vitamins and minerals like Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B9, Omega-3, Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium, and more.

Health Risks

Learn about your essential pathways to maintain overall health, such as Detoxification, Hormone Health, Inflammation Risk, and Methylation Efficiency. 35+ genetic variations tested.


Achieve better, faster, exercise results. Take the guesswork out of your workout routine. 50+ genetic variations tested.

Mental Health

Find out your genetic mental wellness risk factors to take proactive action. We test for Alzheimer's risk, Concussion, Emotional Eating and more. 15+ genetic variations tested.

DNA Results - Made Simple

The most comprehensive DNA test, in a user-friendly format.

Our dnaPower summary was designed with you in mind. Spend less time interpreting data, and more time providing valuable healthcare.
  • 200+ Genetic variations tested
  • 70+ Meaningful insights
  • Summary report recommendations
  • 4 Report areas (health, diet, fitness, brain)
  • Actionable insights 

totalPower includes a 45 minute consultation with a certified dnaPower nutritionist.

Unlock the full potential of your health with dnaPower. Since 2008, we've empowered individuals to make smarter, data-driven health decisions. Discover the most comprehensive DNA testing for health and wellness today.
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