Meet Melanie – Altruistic Nutritionist And Fitness Guru

As both a personal trainer and nutritionist, Melanie is driven by her desire to see achievement in others. To help her clients achieve their goals, she has developed and delivered the 4 and 6 week Nexus Nutritional programs. She also partners with local businesses to deliver Lunch and Learns, Extended Healthy Habits Challenges, and has authored a variety of educational health and nutrition newsletter articles for employees.

A lifelong athlete, Melanie played many competitive sports growing up and continues to enjoy recreational Skiing, Hiking, Running, Cycling and Mountain Biking, Snowshoeing to name but a few! Melanie is dedicated to health and wellness and understands the role good nutrition and exercise play for optimal athletic and day to day performance.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?
Coffee and looking at everyday as an opportunity to grow – mentally, physically and spiritually, to discover the best version of myself in order to have a positive impact on others.

What would an ideal world look like to you?
A place where love, peace and positivity ruled over fear, war, and negativity. To see those who inhabit this earth top into their complete potential, discover the unique gifts they possess to share with the world. To live in a place where everyone regardless of race, sexual orientation or religion where seen and treated as the other.

How has the dnaPower test helped you and your clients?
As a nutritionist and personal trainer, it has become the foundational platform that helps tailor all of my nutritional and lifestyle plans to each individual’s specific needs. Finally putting an end to people’s constant drive to find THE DIET that will give them the results they have been seeking. It has brought a new level of confidence to my coaching business and an immense sense of reward witnessing all of the success my clients have experienced simply by incorporating the new habits the DNA findings have armed them with.</p?

Which dnaPower report is your favourite and why?
The dietPower without a doubt. If you consider the fact that we eat 5-6 times per day. That offers the opportunity to make healthier choices 5-6 times each and every day. Improving the way we nourish and fuel ourselves. I believe food has the power to heal. It’s very powerful and something you can have complete control over if you wish to discover your own genetic blueprint.

Any fun facts or words of wisdom you’d like to share?
It’s best to seek progress over perfection!

Where can we find out more about what you do?
Melanie Ackerley @ Nexus Fitness + Nutrition – and

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