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Have Low Vitamin D? Here Are Four Genetic Reasons Why.

Vitamin D is one of the most essential vitamins for bone development and immune health. Recently, there have been emerging studies looking at the role vitamin D plays in COVID-19 patients.​ A small scale study found that out of 216 hospitalized COVID-19 patients, 82% of them had vitamin D deficiency versus 47% found in the control […]

7 Genes That Play an Important Role in Immune Function

While diet and lifestyle choices greatly impact how your immune system responds to invading pathogens, did you know that genes play an important role in immune function as well? Unique genetic factors may impact how well you process immune-supporting nutrients, manage stress and regulate inflammation. Individual variations in genes may influence how you respond to […]

5 Antioxidants that Support Your Immune System

The five key antioxidants that support your immune system include vitamin A, C, E, selenium and zinc. These antioxidants are vitamin and trace minerals that regulate cell damage from oxidative stress, mediate inflammation in the body, and manage infection from invading pathogens. Ingredients that contain high levels of antioxidants protect your cells against free radicals, […]

7 Ways To Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Never before has health been more important. Understanding how to keep your immune system healthy is key to preventing infection and disease. Your immune system comprises a network of physical and biochemical processes that keep invading pathogens at bay.  One of the best ways to boost your immune system naturally is to eat nutritious food, […]
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