Love at first sniff? DNA matchmaking service uses your ‘scent of love’ to find your perfect match

Looking for “romantic chemistry” this Valentine’s Day? ​Find out if your unique ‘scent of love’ holds the secret ingredient to your Valentine.

At dnaPower, we understand the science behind DNA and its influence on health and wellness. But when it comes to love, we will leave it up to our DNA matchmaking friends at DNA Romance to help you sniff out your perfect match.

What is DNA matchmaking?

DNA matchmaking services use science and genetics to pair up potential romantic matches. Studies show the rare sensation of chemistry is felt by people who are genetically compatible. Our bodies are naturally programmed to feel receptive and welcome to those who are genetically compatible.

How does it work and what is the science behind it?

It has something to do with the genetic coding of your immune genes. Companies that provide DNA matchmaking services such as DNA Romance and Instant Chemistry analyze your immune genes through the Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) system. The HLA system makes proteins that regulate the immune system by protecting it against invading pathogens. Among the HLA system, there is a gene group called the major histocompatibility complex (MHC). Scientists have found a link between MHC and attraction between animals.

In the 1970s, researchers found that inbred male mice preferred to mate with female mice with a different MHC rather than inbred female mice with similar immune system genes. The researchers concluded that this mating preference was linked to smell. The idea is that choosing a mate with different MHC genes gives animals an evolutionary advantage in terms of immune system defense.

Interestingly, the relationship between immune system genes and attraction is not exclusive to humans. MHC dependent mate selection has been described in many vertebrates including fish, birds, and primates. DNA Romance shares a list of research papers detailing the science behind DNA matchmaking.

Who is DNA Romance and what do they do?

DNA Romance is a genetic matchmaking service that decodes the essential elements behind the ‘scent of love’ and the ideal personality combinations for a successful relationship using the Myers Briggs test.

DNA Romance offers DNA kits that you can purchase online. If you have used a DNA sequencing service before such as 23andMe, Ancestry DNA, MyHeritage, etc, you can upload your raw DNA data to DNA Romance’s web app to generate compatibility results with other users on their web app.

Is DNA matchmaking for you?

In case you have experienced anything like the founders of DNA Romance had, then you must have found online dating to be tiresome, repetitive, and generally unsuccessful. For those reasons, perhaps you should give DNA matchmaking a try!

We believe that within the coding of our genes lie the individualized answers to health, fitness, and even your potential partner. Head on over to to sniff out your perfect match!

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