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Affiliate Highlight: 100 Days Of Discipline

This week, we welcome our affiliate, 100 Days of Discipline, to share their approach to fitness, wellness, and aging gracefully. 100 Days Of Discipline are an incredibly passionate team of individuals who are on a mission to inspire and motivate others to get active, every day. We admire their holistic approach to fitness and are […]

Partner Highlight: Maria Bewcyk From The Body Lab

At dnaPower, we are honoured to partner with talented and well-versed experts in their field. Today, we will be featuring one of our newest dnaPower Partners, Maria Bewcyk. Maria Bewcyk, the proud owner of The Body Lab, brings her vast array of knowledge and background in Kinesiology, Physiotherapy, Personal Training, Bikini Bodybuilding and Nutritional Guidance, […]

Health Challenge Ideas To Do With Friends and Family

In celebration of Healthy Workplace Month in Canada, we thought to inspire you with some health challenge ideas to extend this healthy sentiment amongst your family and friends!   Whether you’re feeling a bit of a lull in your exercise routine or if you feel like you need a little nudge in transitioning into a healthy winter habit, […]

Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month: Corporate Activity Ideas

October isn’t just the month of pumpkin patches and haunted houses – it’s also Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month. During October, weekly activities are hosted in the office to empower employees to take care of themselves and feel their best. Need some inspiration to plan your healthy workplace month calendar? Here Are Four Engaging Health-Promoting Corporate […]

CARPe diem Feature On JoyTV

Join us as we speak with CARPe diem show host, Carmen Ruiz y Laza, about DNA testing for preventative health and longevity. On this episode of CARPe diem, our CEO, Dr. Lois Nahirney, and show host, Carmen Ruiz y Laza, discuss the value of DNA testing to help you pinpoint: The exact diet your body […]

What is the APOE gene? And why should I care?

  Does Alzheimer’s run in your family? Did you know just one variation of the APOE E4 genotype can double your risk of developing Alzheimer’s? The APOE gene is one of the most researched and studied genes related to an increased risk of developing late-onset Alzheimer’s. Researchers estimate that between 40-65% of people diagnosed with late-onset Alzheimer’s […]

A Keto or DNA Diet For Weight Loss: Which is better?

In the past several years, social media and online health “gurus” like David Asprey have popularized the high-fat, low-carb ketogenic (or keto) diet as an effective way to lose weight and improve metabolic health markers. The keto diet involves eating a very low-carb, high-fat diet to trigger the body to go into a state of […]
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