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Alzheimer’s Prevention: Understanding Your Potential Genetic Risks

Did you know you can learn your genetic risk potential for Alzheimer’s? Did you know Alzheimer’s prevention is possible through diet and lifestyle interventions? You can be proactive with Alzheimer’s prevention by understanding your genetic risks early. Alzheimer’s is strongly impacted by genes known as APOE. These genes impact plaquing in the body – both […]

Meet Annie – The Super Force Behind PowerUp Nutrition

Annie is the founder, proprietor and full-time coach at PowerUp Nutrition. As a marathon and CrossFit athlete herself, Annie and her team are passionate about helping others develop lifelong healthy habits with food. They offer personalized eating plans, one on one coaching and weekly checkin’s to make sure you are maximizing your potential and reaching […]

Meet Erin – Registered Dietitian & Creator Of The Food Life

Erin is a registered dietitian who works in the hospital by day and provides genetic-based nutrition counselling by night. She has a Master’s degree in biochemistry, where she studied how the human body breaks down omega-3 fats. Based in Vancouver, BC, she offers nutrition counselling and genetic tests to clients across Canada. Needless to say, […]

Get The Skinny On Fats

Arguably one of the most controversial nutrients, fats have been riding the health rollercoaster for decades. After spending years on the nutrition naughty list, dietary fat is making a comeback. What Is Dietary Fat, And What Are The Different Kinds? Dietary fat is the fat we get from food.  It can be from a plant […]

Meet Dave – Personal Trainer & Life Coach At Make Your Body Work Fitness

Dave is a Personal Trainer and Life Coach at Make Your Body Work Fitness, as well as a dnaPower partner! His mission is to help others overcome this unhealthy fixation while still being able to improve their fitness and reach their weight-loss goals. Since 2001, Dave has met with thousands of people who want to transform their […]

Meet Lois – President & CEO Of dnaPower

“My whole leadership style has changed based on my children and my family. I was raised in the charismatic leader from the front model that you learn in MBA school and I have completely changed it and now I really believe in the servant leadership model and compassion through leadership and respect.” Lois’ interest in […]

Meet Emma – CEO Of Pineapple Collective

Hey everyone! I’m Emma, CEO and consultant at Pineapple Collective. Being a self-described ‘longevity enthusiast’ I’ve been avidly learning about DNA testing, and have now done both 23&me, and recently dnaPower Inc. I would recommend 23&Me if you want to better understand heredity, ancestry, and connect with worldwide relatives. While dnaPower is, in a word, […]
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