Frequently Asked Questions


What is DNA Sequencing?
Sequencing is the process of determining the exact order of nucleotides in a genome. In the past decade since the human genome was first sequenced in its entirety, researchers have been decoding what specific gene pairs indicate. Countless studies have been done, linking sequences of our DNA, and specific variations in that sequence, to our health.
How is DNA relevant to my health?
Everyone has sections of DNA that are unique to them. Depending on your genetic makeup, you might find that your body responds to certain exercises and foods better than others. The variations in individual’s genetic material can also predispose a person to health issues, such as metabolic problems and cancerous growths. Variations of genes may be beneficial in some circumstances, but problematic in others. We provide you with information on the areas that may pose health risks.
How can dnaPower help me avoid health risks?
By testing your DNA in areas proven to impact health and fitness, we are able to understand the instructions in your DNA. This knowledge can help you make decisions that are right for you, and can help you to avoid risks based on your personal genetic makeup. We can develop a customized exercise prescription to turn on the genes you need to prevent poor health and chronic disease.
How does dnaPower choose which genes to test for?
Our team of experts has carefully selected the genes we analyze based on extensive peer-reviewed genetic scientific and clinical research. To avoid confusing our clients with extraneous data, we have only chosen those genetic markers that have a substantial impact on our health.
How old do I have to be before I can take the tests?
There is no minimum age; anyone can have a DNA analysis done! However, parental consent is required if you are under 18 years of age.
Is this like the Blood Type Diet? Or any other type of diet system?
The blood type diet was created on the premise that those with different blood types will also process food differently as well as have different predispositions to various diseases. This concept was put to the test in a 1,455 participant study by the University of Toronto. The study was led by Dr. Ahmed El-Sohemy, Associate Professor at the University of Toronto. The findings revealed markers of health are independent of one’s blood type.

Although the blood type diet seemed like a logical approach, we must realize that the body is a very complex network of systems all operating in tandem. We can now see that singling out one component of the body and making a linear correlation with that component is not the best way to approach such intricacies.

At dnaPower, we sequence approximately 150 health and fitness related genes with a system that is 99.9% accurate. Each gene has approximately 20-30 base pairs and there is potential for mutation on each base. We carefully consider all of these components to formulate an abundance of data that is unique to you. The final result is a health-optimization program that incorporates both a nutritional and fitness component strategically designed for you. This is much more comprehensive than what any diet book can suggest.

Sample Collection

How are my DNA samples collected?
The DNA sample collection kit contains a sterile cheek swab and simple instructions on how to collect your sample at home.
How long can I keep my samples before sending them to you?
When you collect a sample, the swab has cheek cells containing your DNA. These cells and the DNA within them degrade if left at room temperature for an extended period of time. Therefore, we recommend shipping your sample on the same day it is collected or placing it in the freezer until you are able to send.
Why should I not drink tea or coffee for 30 minutes prior to sample collection?
Both coffee and tea contain chemicals that cause cells to tighten and adhere to the cheek more firmly. The effect is temporary, but it may impede collection of sufficient amount of DNA to perform the test.
How safe are the tests?
There is no danger to you and our tests are completely non invasive. A simple cheek swab contains the necessary DNA for our tests.

Your Results

How long do I have to wait for my results?
Timing depends on the sequencing runs and the number of tests in queue to be processed. We utilize a very thorough deep sequencing process and ensure the utmost care and attention is taken with every run. Generally results are available 14-30 days after we receive your sample in the lab.
Are the results going to be too complicated for me to understand?
We have designed our reports to be user-friendly and easy to understand. You don’t need to have a background in genetic testing to understand your results and their significance to your health. You can also consult our experts if you would like assistance in walking through the results.
Will you test for any serious inherited diseases?
We do testing for a number of common inherited diseases. We will only test for these if you choose to purchase an inherited condition predisposition test. If you think you may carry the genes for an inherited disease, speak to your physician or healthcare professional.
Can my DNA tell me if I am ill?
No, we can only determine what types of genes people have and how they relate to certain metabolic processes involved in well-being. If you think you may be ill, speak to your healthcare professional.
If I have a genetic variation or mutation is this bad?
Genetic variations make us who we are. There is no such thing as a ‘bad’ genotype, however, certain genetic variations will predispose you to certain outcomes. What’s important to keep in mind is that even though you may have an increased risk of a certain condition, nothing is set in stone. By learning your personal DNA, you can be more aware and knowledgeable in making better health and fitness decisions to promote a healthy mind and body.
Who will have access to my DNA?
You will. All of the personal information you choose to share with us is kept strictly confidential. Under no circumstances will your information be disclosed to third parties, such as insurance companies or medical agencies. The exception is if you have ordered your test through a health practitioner and they are receiving your results on your behalf or if you choose to share it with them.
What happens to my DNA?
We use the utmost privacy standards in managing your sample. The sample is managed and stored by bar code to preserve your privacy. We retain your DNA for 1 year in case you wish to order an additional test. If you have chosen to allow your sample to be used anonymously for scientific research, we may keep it on file for a longer period. All DNA is disposed of following regulatory standards.

If your questions have not been answered above, please reach out to us here.